CV. Mutiara Hardware

Iron Warehouse Pallet

Sell ​​Pallet Gudang Besi from CV. Mutiara Hardware in Bekasi. Pallet is a warehousing equipment that serves as a place to put things. By using the pallet, the storage, calculation and transportation process will be easier and more efficient. Usually the pallet is lifted using the help of lifting equipment, namely the hand pallet, hand stacker or forklift. Pallet is designed with various sizes according to needs.Based on the drive direction, the pallet is divided into 2 types, namely:Pallet 2 ways: This pallet only allows forklifts to take pallets from 2 directions, front and rear.Pallet 4 ways: This pallet allows forklifts to carry pallets from 4 sides, front, back, right and left.

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